New Services

New Services

UAS Drone Photography

Midwest Fire Consulting Group now has two licensed remote pilots who can provide aerial photography at any fire scene when requested utilizing an unmanned aircraft system (drone). The images produced help our clients get a full-scale view of the property. We can isolate specific areas such as roofs or chimneys to assist in the adjustment process. Simply request the use of the drone and any specific details when the assignment is given and we will do the rest.

Collage of drone photography of fire damage

Matterport Scanning

Exploded schematic of homeAll of our investigators currently have and are trained in using the Matterport 3D scanning system.

Matterport is a three-dimensional camera system that creates realistic, fully immersive virtual tours of each fire scene. Viewers can explore the fire scene location from a variety of viewpoints and get a feel for the property without actually being there.

A full schematic with measurements can be obtained upon request after a scan has been done. A link of the 3D module will be sent to the client after the initial scene examination.

Measurements of anything in the property can be obtained using only the 3D scan with Matterport’s new technology.

Matterview Schematic of home